Allow your customers to use preauthorizations by charging the amount later.

Create Reservations with VR pay secure API

In our API, you can process preauthorizations with the VR pay secure Gateway or the payment link endpoint.
We will explain it using the Gateway endpoint for this example. However, the links to the corresponding payment link API endpoints are also attached.

Step 1
VR pay secure Gateway Creation

Create a Gateway with the parameter reservation _set to _true.

Create a VR pay secure Gateway
Create a payment link
All required fields of the gateway must always be set!

Step 2
Customer authorization

After creating your VR pay secure Gateway, you will receive a link to the payment form as a response to your request.
Send this to your customer and let him authorize the payment.
A Notification (Webhook) and an email notification will be triggered once the customer authorizes the payment.

Step 3
Get the transaction ID

This ID is provided when you retrieve the Gateway from Step 1.

Retrieve a VR pay secure Gateway
Retrieve a payment link

You can also find this ID in the webhook that has been sent once the transaction is authorized from Step 2.

Example on where the Transaction ID can be found:

    "status": "success",
    "data": [
            "id": 1,
            "status": "(waiting|confirmed|authorized|reserved)",
            "invoices": [
                    "transactions": [
                            "id": 2012844,

Step 4
Charge the customers card

Use Charge a Pre-Authorized/Reserved Transaction to make a charge on the authorized transaction. Use the transaction ID that you received in Step 3 with any amount you would like to charge.



  • The highest amount that can be charged is the one set in Step 1.
  • The amount is reserved for 2-3 working days, the possiblity to debit the amount is guaranteed.
  • There is no way to make any further charges using the same authorized transaction.