Webhook Content

Status Values

  • active
  • failed
  • cancelled
  • in_notice

idintegerInternal subscription ID
uuidstringPublic subscription ID
statusstringFor more information on the status of the subscription, please see
Notifications (Webhooks)
startdateStart date of subscription
enddateEnd date of subscription, only set if subscription is cancelled
valid_untildateThe next payment date
paymentIntervalstringSee PHP interval spec
invoiceInvoiceSee invoice documentation
contactContactSee contact documentation

  'id' => 1,
  'uuid' => '82m09f9',
  'status' => 'active',
  'start' => '2020-01-01',
  'end' => null,
  'valid_until' => '2021-01-01',
  'paymentInterval' => 'P1Y',
  'invoice' => Invoice,
  'contact' => Contact,